Sans serif with round edges

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Can anybody recognize what the type in this poster from Bosnian designer Zoran Lucic is? Seems awfully familiar, but I can't seem to put a name on it.


Engineering Plot
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It looks like Engineering Plot free font by David Kovalchik

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Looks like something close to this previous discussion about Leroy Lettering machine, very close to Engineering Plot (if not matching).
Some alternatives : Planscribe, Leroy Lettering Light Beta 01, Gravur Condensed, Rendering, Simpliciter Sans, Gordon, Register Sans, Primer Print, Report, Oxymoron, TGL 0-16

EDIT: Fivos is confirming Engineering Plot

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Yes, I think that's it.

Thanks a lot!

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And thanks for the alternatives, Ryuk. I think it is indeed Engineering Plot, but those look very interesting too.

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