Quicksand Pro

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Coming soon. Patiently waiting :)

Quicksand-Pro-Specimen.pdf65.26 KB
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SWATCHES is not Bold Unicase.

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Good catch Nick, I think I've accidentally turned the feature off while typesetting it. I'd love to update my post but it seems not possible?

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This looks like a great update - loved the first version and this is a great improvement. Lots of features too man, well done. Looking forward to seeing the ligatures. And those extended characters look lush :)

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Here's with true italics :)

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Niche typeface and specimen, but … what is that lower case ß doing in the word DECIBEL? A word in lower case would be more appropriate to show how ß matches the lower case letters. Also note that ‘Afrikaan’ is correctly written as ‘Afrikaans’. Some of the round letterforms in the italic seem to tilt more than the others. ‘c’ looks all right, but ‘o’ tilts too kick I think.

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Ooh, love the true italics addition. Do agree with Abert Jan that the axis on some of the letters is a bit too heavy, some of the letters look as if they are rotated a few degrees too much. Other than that I do like the addition a lot!

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Very nice. I remember using Quicksand for a big event years ago. The typeface was quite nice but the spacing was very bad. I think I just applied optical kerning to fix that. It's nice to see an update where the kerning has been fixed and a lot of features added. LU could be kerned tighter though. Same goes for HE in the non-unicase SWATCHES.

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