Help, I'm on lost course here...

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Dear fellow typophiles...

Some time ago I posted a subject concerning my companylogo "YESYES" and I almost used all your suggestions... but still I'm not quite satisfied with the result.. the characters are too vague.. a lack of expression I guess :-(

I'm having a lot of trouble settling on a final design... This bothers me BIG TIME!

I would appreciate your constructive criticism on the matter. Perhaps some suggestions of typefaces... anything actually!

The triangle is optional!

I thank you all in advance.


YESYES logo mockup

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Henrik -- I really like the colors. And the mark itself I like as well. The positive and negative shapes. as the words get smaller, however, the 'Y' starts to appear as a 'V' -- I might also consider making the mark slightly larger next to the word. Have you tried slanting some of the terminals (ooh suddently forgetting terminology.)

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Am I the only person who automatically focuses on the negative whitespace within the mark? You know, the bit that looks like thong underwear?

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Now that you mention it. Is this a negative thing? I mean, the name of the company is YESYES --- TIC

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John: you need holiday on some pacific lost island, I think.

I agree with Tiffany, the Y on the YESYES is too low, and I'm not very happy with the S? I don

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John, I'm sorry to tell you that you are not alone.


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maybe you could also try not to use a triangular 'Y', but a round one. I made a little sketch to explain (modifying helvetica characters). In the sketch icombined LC characters.


yesyes_bvf.swf (0.9 k)

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Yeaaah, thanks people!
This is what I need... ideas and tweakings :-)

Tiffany> I agree the "Y" is too low. I've changed the form of it to a curved version (Good input from Jean!) and incombined LC characters instead.

Le Bailly> I'm gonna make your idea with the round "Y" aswell.. thanks man!

This FORUM rocks!

I must admit that I'm not really an expert in drawing vectors in Illustrator. Some tutorials would do me good :-) - these corrections took me a while...


YY Logo phase 2

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same ideea, albeit flipped upside down, following J.F.Porchez ideea with the lc "e" scaled to uppercase


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Henrik, I mean curved to go inside not outside, check again parisine plus roman not italic.

Your Y is now little too high and seems a bit narrow.

And not straight horizontal top terminals for Y can be good to fit better with e and s endings?

finally, S seems little wide

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Jean -> I got your point there!! but (Phew!) right now I'm having hard times just to get the curves to go inside :-)
Do you normally set up a grid in order to make those kinda tricks ??
I'm using Illustrator.. is it typo-friendly enough ??


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Try to create two large large large circle and fit the portions needed in place of your two straight lines, on each side of the Y

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I never use any grid generally. Illustrator B

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Henrik - I think having the convergence point in the "Y" line up with the crossbars on the E causes too much space and also seems a little *TOO* lined up. I do like it more. I also think the curves are in the wrong place. As Jean said. The use of lowercase and uppercase is a nice as well.

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Tiffany -> Yep, that convergence point needs to be fixed... Still I like the simplicity of the curves in "Y" - perhaps I need to add a little detail to one of the letters... just can't decide which/what :-)


YY logo phase 3

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Now, you should try to get the letters optically adjusted. (e is a bit too high, y should be a little bit fatter.)


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I agree with Jacques, I think the "e" is a little high, but optically, the second "s" seems to have just a little more space, in relation to the "e" than the other "s", I might be wrong but it looks that way.

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The "thong" have probably been done several times before. Even so, here is an example from a norwegian company where I'm currently involved in redesigning their website.

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I heard Alpha Headline is a pretty hot face these days :wink:

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