Please suggest a masculine / creative font for website / woodworking / machining

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I would love any suggestions on a font / fonts to use for this website. I am not a design professional, and I'm struggling with trying to create a design in Squarespace. I've had a website for a couple of years on Wordpress, but never had any branding or consistency - my header was just the photo with the generic text. I'm not opposed to buying any fonts (I'm on a Mac), and I do have an older version of Photoshop (I think it's CS3), so if the font isn't supported by Squarespace, I could buy it and just incorporate it into the .psd image. I'm not even sure where to start looking for the type of font, but I know this is not the right one. By the way, I'm not married to anything I have here - I might even change the photo, but it would be something like this. I think it needs to be something more masculine / creative? Thank you for your suggestions.

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I would recommend an old style sans serif.
Sans, because the consistency of line weight and lack of serifs connotes mechanical efficiency, and old-style (a.k.a. humanist) to connote custom attention to detail.

My effort in this genre is Sensibility.
You can use “old style”, “humanist” and “sans” as keyword searches at font sites to find others.

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