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This one is Tiki Palms by House Industries, available for licensing on on their website.

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Tiki Palms is close, but it’s not exactly the one from the sample, is it?

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Your image is part of an alphabet, so that begs the question what is the source (often a help in these queries)?

Very close is Patrick Broderick's Castaway - a recreation, it would seem, of a typeface that appears in the predigital Solotype Catalog as 'Confucius'. Your image, though, contains some differences in detail.

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Crap ... after posting the above, I wondered who the hell had credited the identification to someone named Sven Viking - who didn't even make an appearance in this thread.

It turns out that Sven Viking was the original poster in this 2011 thread - who posted the same image as Samu.

Obviously, there is no exact digital solution to this thus far. Unless it's the elusive bamboo.ttf that Sven alluded to three years ago - and our moderator has not clued us into ...

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In my folder labeled Bamboo fonts I have five - one named Bamboo2 is the one you are looking for - no credits when examined in FontLab info. The five all came from free sites, check Dafont and AbstractFonts.

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Sorry, I checked it was not from AbstractFonts or Dafont

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