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My original inspiration derived from xerox waste sheets that I found interesting imagry on. From this I proceeded to build letterforms out of a specific section comprised of three images.

The conceptual idea was to try to hold on to the destructive quality of xerox duplication and cohesively form a systematic display face that can be used at small and large point sizes.

Any input is greatly appreciated,

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poor frankie, no posts.
i think the overall attitude of this is pretty visceral, but the thickness of the forms makes it more approachable; like it's gritty but not in a scary way. it's surprising how well it holds up at that 12 pt size, which is real nice. i think the 3 needs a clearer middle horizontal stroke (not crossbar, but you know...), the "xero" title has the R shifted downward, but it's higher in the sample below. i think the lower position is nicer, and you may try that with a few u.c. and l.c. glyphs for a tiny bit more variety.

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