Malenky Bit

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This is my first dabble at doing a font.
Far from finished, and I'm sure it's been done a hundred times before. But I thought I'd post it, as I'm a long time lurker here.
Personally I like the A, D, T and S.. not sure about the rest though.. What do you think?
(the name is from A Clockwork Orange, I love that book.)
malensky bit
Oh, and this is another version.. Which might be a bit too.. much, hah
malensky bit 2

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The outline one looks like fingernails! Could be useful in a niche (but really niche) application.


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the outline kind of looks like a bike chain too.

I think some of the forms are nice looking but fairly illegible.

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Wild. Reminds me a bit of the Outwest series. Same genre? Maybe? Definitely a font in need of a niche, but still very interesting. Perhaps the outlined version the stroke is too heavy?

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i have no idea what the sample says. none.
it looks cool though.

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>the outline kind of looks like a bike chain too

compare Link by Megumu Kasuga (see Type1 by Nathan Gale)

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I think it says "amsterdamned"

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