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For over five years I’ve photographed lettering, signs and tags, and published them on my blog ‘Mads knipser’. Now I’ve designed a book with a lot of the best. Over 100 pages of typographical snapshots, mostly from Copenhagen, but also Amsterdam, Berlin, Cairo, Dubai, Málaga, New York, Paris and Lisbon. Over 160 photographs showing many of the diverse expressions & designs the written word can contain. I wish to publish my book – and to succeed, I need to sell 184 copies.

The book is 30 x 30 cm, 104 pages.
Printed on 150 g Garda Matt.
1,5 kg.

More pictures of it on my my website:
Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Notice: If you order the book, and I don’t reach my goal, you don’t get the book. But you don’t pay anything either.

Preorder here:

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