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Designed this book cover, and it seems missing to me. I was trying to go after a sexy, bold font.
Client wants her whole body on the cover. Problem I think is that it looks fine if you are looking at it, while holding in your hand; but won't stand against competition on an Amazon page. Any suggestions for a better bold, sexy sans serif for title, would be appreciated.

Would love valid criticism and suggestions besides it looks amateur...


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oops. here's the front cover again...

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That's a tough one, MissDaisy. There are three ways that I see you can approach this:

1) Use the same image but move and rotate it so that it looks as though she's leaning on the right edge. This will give her a business casual "You" feel. A little more personal and approachable. The arms crossed and the dominating presence is intimidating... truly not working as a friendly authority.

Now you have room on the left side to play with the type flush left.
"Center-type is a convention best remaining in poetry." my art director would say...

2) Find a new image in the shoot where she's not crossing her arms. Perhaps one that looks like she's pulling you aside for a pep-talk.

3) Pitch a whole new idea after you do exactly what she wants and give her the best damn sales pitch on why your idea is superior.

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The 'E' in CEO looks really odd to me, the way it's lining up with her hand/wrist. Took at this in grayscale or black/white to see where some readability issues are:

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GREAT COMMENTS! Thank you..The art is not a good place to start...budget know?

Yeah..I'm finding the same conflicts with the crossed arms..Did do a comp with her face off to the right and type flush left. She posted it on her FB...which was kind of kick...Everyone liked the full body pose....hmm...those are her clients.

Regarding the conflict of type and readability across her arms...that's why I was thinking of going to a strong sans serif that will dominate over her lower "extemeties."

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Here's what I would do.
For "CEO" and "YOU" use the small caps from the new font Baghadeer in either regular or bold as appropriate. For "of" use the same font in the illustrated book cover or the script from Baghadeer. No gradient, this will fix the contrast issue. Just use the same blue that is used for the author's name.
I would make "CEO" and "YOU" the same size. And don't try to put "of" behind stuff. Just place that word in it's normal place so you can read it on Amazon.
I think the picture is okay. This author is giving some tough, straight talk to the buyer. Test and see if you can read the subtitle at Amazon size. Decide whether you need to read this (the subtitle) on Amazon or not.

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