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This typeface is based on the notion of suggestion vs. statement, and testing the boundaries of legibility and practicality. The goal is to achieve a subtle, elusive quality, while remaining somewhat comprehensible.
I'm also intrigued by the eye's automatic ability to connect un-connected marks, for example, lines to dots, etc.
I still have some unresolved issues with line variance, and possibly spacing, both of which can be fixed.

I appreciate any and all feedback offered. Bring it.

One curtailOne Bold Curtail

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We really to see some text. But not text that we already know what it says.


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I love the whole idea behind the typeface and how you came up with it. Very thoughtful. I think it's great that it ties into your clay work. Can't wait to see the revised version.

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one thing i noticed is that some of the uppercase glyphs look more "scripty" than others; specifically the A, D, E, and L. you might want to unify the attitude of the set overall a bit more. also on the lowercase, why are the m, q, and r uppercase forms?

keep on truckin, and post those words, girl!

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