small but nice

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I have finished and released my first type face. And though it is not as rich in variety as other of the presented type faces i am confident that some of you may like it. You can find it on MyFonts.

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That is really a nice font! Nice and clean. Good job.

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I like it =3 it looks nice~

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I wouldn't call it a "geometric" sans though.

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I’d call it a realist sans or a neo-grotesque.

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Thank you guys!

@eliason & R. :
Classification is really rather difficult to me, but since the FF DIN seems to be classified as a geometric and i was very much inspired by it i thought that would be how to call it (though it looks different).

But i like the term neo-grotesque. (can’t change the picture though =D )

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According to Wikipedia, FF DIN is (also) classified as a realist sans. This type of sans-serif falls somewhere in between humanist and geometric sans-serif typefaces. The humanist sans shows strong influences of handwriting, so there is considerable stroke contrast, and the glyph shapes are based on those of Venetian or Garalde old-style typefaces. Optima is one of the best known humanist sans-serif typefaces. The geometric sans, by contrast, relies heavily on “geometric shapes, like near-perfect circle and square” (Wikipedia), i.e. the letters are rather constructed than handwritten, and display little stroke contrast. Futura is a prime example of that. FF DIN and your work are not quite as rigid as that, but also straighter in appearance than a humanist sans, so that’s why I’d call them realist (or neo-grotesque, an alternative term if you like that better ;).

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@ R.: You’re right =)
I was confusing the tags of FF DIN in MyFonts with possible classifications (my bad) … so there is something between humanist and geometric, that’s fascinating, i’ve seen myself confronted with a choice between those two. Unfortunately my teacher was a little old school, so he only taught us the DIN 16518 classification, according to which the font would simply be called group 6: sans serif linear antiqua (Gruppe VI: Serifenlose Linear-Antiqua in german).
Would it be silly to ask you about a more adequate system to classify fonts (may be with a source of some kind)?

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Alas I am not an expert on font classification, but I know that Indra Kupferschmid is (she is also a Typophile member). On her blog she has published a number of posts about various classification systems (some in German, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem for you). I have not read all of them, but she probably also makes mention of the Vox-ATypI classification according to which FF DIN would be a neo-grotesque (or a realist sans). I like that one.

And by the way: good look with your first typeface! :)

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