Introducing Baghadeer, an upright script font

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I wanted to show some images for my new release Baghadeer. The description was inadvertently left out on the page, but should be added soon. It should read:
Baghadeer, from the hand of Stephen Rapp, is an upright connecting script brimming with personality. With its exuberant capitals, dashing crossover strokes, and rhythmic pulse; it retains the active spirit most associated with slanted scripts, but with the grounded presence of an upright.

Baghadeer contains 780 glyphs featuring a plethora of swashes, ligatures, and alternate letters to individualize the look of your project. There is also a set of small caps and ornamental flourishes to add some finishing touches. It contains feature programming to make typesetting seamless and has all the language coverage you'd expect in a pro font.

Hope you like it.

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I forgot to mention that this goes on sale starting tomorrow at 30% off.

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It reminds me of the old ITC Braganza font a bit, but now more liquid and graceful.
I'd be interested to hear where the name came from.

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The name is completely bogus. I just threw together something I thought would look good and stuck with it. So it's not a word at all.

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Actually… MyFonts was nice enough to change the sale date to today for me. :-)

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Stephen is the master at scripts. Baghadeer is truly a wonderful font. Plus it has Small Caps that are very useful. It's like 2 fonts in one. :)

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