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Here is a PDF of a design I have made.
My objective is to complete a full set of motions
from design to submission and hopefully distribution
in the pursuit of gaining experience in doing so -
dealing with foundrys, prepping the file etc.

I am hoping to be fully prepared when I am
finished with more serious designs. I want to
have this experience under my belt when the
time has come.

If no one likes it, I'll sell it on
Yet another experience to be learned.

I am not as interested in a critique of the
design so much as what I should or should
not be doing in my presentation. ( I think
someday I will regret having designed this.)
But some comments are welcome if you really
think it should be said.

In my email, to the place that I will be
submitting it to, I will include my inspiration for
the design, through contact info and...

what else? What should I leave out?



MUFFLER-TEXT.pdf (122.2 k)

Oh yea, it is not really finished. I am going on
the advise that changes will be suggested by
a distributor.


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It is called Mofle. It means Muffler in Spanish.
Thus, Mofle Loose, Mofle Expanded,
Mofle Dropped.

It is inspired by the hand painted lettering on
the Muffler and Hub shops in the Barrios
around town. There are lots of low-riders
around. I drive a 66' Chevel myself.

And yes, The difference between regular and
expanded is spacing. I should get rid of
regular maybe. The letters need space being
all caps any way. My thinking was the wide
family would make it more marketable. That,
along with the shadow and extended
character set such as fractions I
am hoping will make it more appealing
compared to similar designs.

The text by the way is a complete joke.
Typeheads will know that right?


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Man, I just noticed my the kerning in my PDF is crap!

It is fine (relatively) in Quark and in FOG.
Prints are fine too. The kerning is lost on the PDF only.

Any thoughts on this?


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Hey vato, is nice, eh.

Mira, how you do your traps, eh?

(BTW, I don't get why this thread has had virtually no participation. What to put in a specimen is a huge question.)


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This is nice. I think you've included a great selection. If anything, you could include a page of things you might see it using. I mean designs. Book Jacket, Magazine cover, Advertisement, etc.

You could do a version called dropped too. I really like the chopped. The dropped could have an even heavier stroke/space inbetween the shadow and the letterform.


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Gracias Amigos.

>Mira, how you do your traps, eh?
To be honest, I really don't know what I am doing as far as traps go. I just looked around at some faces that had them and went by that. But really, does this design need traps? Again, it is kind of a joke.

> could include a page of things you might see it using.

Oh yea. I forgot to do that. But do you think this is too much? I recall that you (Tiffany) saying something like you have looked at more type submissions than you care to think about. Brevity might be a good thing if this is the case.

>You could do a version called dropped too.
I've got it.

But I still have that awful spacing issue.

See <a href=""> this</a> thread for examples of my issue.

Please help me. The whole thing is on hold till I figure this out.


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> does this design need traps?

Nah, not really - except if used small.
Anyway, don't forget flower power!

> till I figure this out.

Use InDesign2.


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(BTW, I don't get why this thread has had
virtually no participation. What to put in a specimen is a huge question.)

Forgive me Sean for restating what I said in my email to you. After having read this thread and all those leading up to it, my impression is that the Mofle specimen is about the right size for an unknown designer. How did I draw this conclusion?

It seemed to me a trend from previous threads is that as a designer becomes more well known, they need to submit less. Duh. JFPorchez gave a good example of that trend:

The first time I submited (as described) a typeface it was longtime ago, probably Angie, my first one to FF. In fact, I just send the a basic character set (suh panels done for Morisawa, it was in 1990). But this was before I start to design with computers. They don't have done any comments, I just decided how many weights, etc.

Then, i submited Anisette to FB circa 1995/96, there, they asked for hamburgefonstiv and some others trials if you have, such weights, etc.

Then, they reviewed it and ask for corrections, etc.

Now, its my own boss who decide if he accept my designs, generally he is quite cool with me and we have same feelings on letterforms.

As a designer nobody's ever heard of (outside of the hallowed halls of typophile) it seems I'd need a relatively complete character set (uc, lc, numerals) and a sample of the face in action. How much more? My current thinking is if you've concieved additional weights, it might be enough to simply include Hamburgefontsiv in the additional weights (along with that complete set in one weight). Wouldn't that be enough to let a reviewer know a) the flavor or what you're doing and b) you do/don't have the skills to complete additional weights/italics.

I would love to hear other people talk nitty gritty like Sean, JFP, and I have done in the course of these threads. It is all well and good for us to guess at what is required. Rich Roat, you drop in on a discussion from time to time. What are you looking for? Jonathan? Others who've had success? Less than success (me)? What did you do?

After all didn't we get into designing type to get rich quick? Yeah, if my wife could hear me now. :-)


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Thanks for the flowers Hrant. Can I borrow a few bucks for ID? ;)

I really don't think the issue is Quark. All other PDFs have been fine till now. It is in my FOG file. I'm 80% sure.

Randy- What?


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Sean- What? What? :-)

I was trying to continue the part of the dialogue that Hrant mentioned: what to include in a specimen for submission.

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Ah! Now, I get you Randy. Thanks.

I have resolved my spacing issue. Thanks to all who helped.

Now back to this.

Is the general agreement that this sample is good to go? Or does it need more work?


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most font foundries are more then happy to get submissions, just send them your PDF.


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Some questions:

Am I correct in assuming that there's no difference between
Mofle Regular and Extended except the spacing?

Is it called Muffler or Mofle?

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