weight classes for heavy and black

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I have been reading a lot of diverging sources on this. So I am relying on you to help me out. It will be used for a programming language akin to CSS.

So that's what we currently have:

hairline 50
thin 100
ultralight 150
extralight 200
light 300
book 350
normal 400
medium 500
semibold 600
bold 700

Here are the complicate ones:

1/ What's the correct order for these 3?
2/ Does ultrablack corresponds to one of these? Is it a separate weight?
3/ Which one corresponds to 800? 900?

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That's what we will probably end up with:

extrabold 750
heavy 800
black 900
extrablack 950
ultrablack 1000

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This thread from 2010 discussing usWeightClass values and referring to a talk held at TypeCon in 2010 should cover a lot of ground for you.

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