Let that typeface know how you really feel!

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Get in on the FUN! Write any typeface of your liking a letter. A love letter, break up letter, an apology, secret admirer, a hate letter... it is up to you. It is simple, quick, and fun, so give it a go! This is for my senior degree project in graphic design at the University of the Arts.

My Dearest Gotham,
What a beautiful typeface. You've always been able compliment so many things so very, very well. It pains me to say this, but I don't think I can ever use you ever again. Why's that? You ask me why? Well let me ask you in retort: Why do I grimace when I look at my old work? Why do I avert my eyes to the nearest crack in the cement when I see you on a billboard? Why did my temper rise when I saw you the other night, glued to the steps at the train station? I can't get you out of my head! All I want to do is use you, yet here you are associating yourself with these- these commoners! Peasants! Plebeians! By God, you're being misused, don't you see?! They're taking advantage of you dammit! Wake up!
Well, Gotham. Our relationship was rather short-lived, but going any further this way would be ludicrous, suicidal even. I'm afraid, we'll have to part ways.
Farewell. Until finals. –Matt

You can send the letters to deartypeface@gmail.com also, pictures of yourselves attached would be wonderful!
THANKS EVERYONE, this is greatly appreciated!!

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