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Here is a new typeface I have been working on for a while called Unicratica Sans. The concept is to mutate several of my favorite sans serif faces into something more contemporary. I was inspired years ago by Jens Gehlhaar's CIA Condendium (his grad school thesis project) Unlike Gehlhaar I am not relying so much on mathematics to accomplish this but more personal aesthetics and current design trends. Besides adding lower case (which is in the works) I wish to be expanded the face in to a unicase, multiple weights and styles. I want the majority of the characters to have 3 alternates like FontBoy / Bob Aufuldish's NewClear family, that are interchangable and aligned.
Black letters are in my opinion great just the way the are, the dark green letters need some work and the light green letters I am not so sure about yet. These need the most work of all.I could use some professional critique.\image

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This is really an exciting design. I think you're definitely on a good road here.

Finish it and release it quick. I want one. :)


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Amazing font Ole. It's like a short version of Close from Fountain. You should try to eliminate the horizontal stem in the G and see how it looks. I do that now all the time and it looks awesome.

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The third is ideal - I love it! ;)

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