Choose LOGO For my 'Course Rebrand' and Critique!

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Hi, we got a brief to rebrand our graphic design course. We have to make a new logo for the course, as well as make an advertising campaign strategy to promote to new and current students, also make to make a brochure and radio ad.

Can you guys choose which logo is the best fit for my campaign poster/brochure?, also any comments on improvements on them will be much appreciated.

'Enmore brochure 2' is what goes on the back of the 'Enmore brochure'. The brochure is 3 fold.

Oh and these attachments are very low quality, because my files were too big. The real color should be more red/pink instead of purple.

background info on my course:

LOGOS809.05 KB
Poster Portrait863.79 KB
Poster Landscape893.38 KB
Brochure 1703.11 KB
Brochure 2731.59 KB
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> which logo is the best fit

My opinion is that the eye symbol, although not very original (I've seen an eye used many times to represent graphic design), is more interesting and representational than a rectangle. Don't care for the way the eye reflections are drawn, though, or the squared-off left edge.

But you should use your own judgement, your own style, and then listen to the feedback from your professor.

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