Logo kerning troubles

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I am really struggling with the kerning on this logo and this is the best I have been able to do. I would appreciate any help or suggestions to get the spacing perfect optically. I think I got the rino part of Marino. The M seems a little off from the a, but closing it up really messes the whole thing, so I just wanted to see if it was all in my head or not. Also, is the Gr part of Greg looking off to anyone.

PS: I have not done much fine tuned logo work so I dont have much experience to count on. Any pointers are very appreciated.


MarinoLogoforreview.pdf279.32 KB
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Gr is way too tight. "rino" indeed looks really good, but then "Mar" and "reg" look too tight in comparison (though they are consistent between themselves).

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Thank you so much. I'll tweak the logo with your suggestions.

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