Font source for Roger White's "Telford"

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While researching Roger White's "Carolus" for I came across this squared sans serif that he calls "Telford." It looks like it was created by Photolettering or Filmotype in the 1960s as an exercise in optical stretching of font width. There is also an outline version and italics.
Does anyone know anything about the source font?


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From the txt file in the copy folder I have:


'TELFORD' is a high quality font containing full hinting for correct rendering
at small point sizes and a total of 926 kerning pairs for correct character
spacing. It is supplied 'as is' and no waranty is implied or given by the
author. The font is suitable for both headlines and body text, and should
render well down to 8 point. The font contains a full range of upper and lower
case letters together with the figures 0 to 9, a full range of punctuation,
but no diacritics. It was hand traced in order to achieve a high quality outline
and compiled using Type Designer 3.1. This font represents aproximately 400
manhours of work.

The latest version of this font is always available for download from the
file list of the fonts conference on the Cix conferencing system. The author
would appreciate notification of any problems experienced with this font
together with any suggestions for improvements.

Roger White,
1, Owens Close,
WS15 2YH,

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Hi Bob.
Your text file is the same as the one that came with my copy of "Telford."
Clear as mud on the actual source font.
So Typophiles, any bright ideas?

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