super ellipse, feels 1970s/60s

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I cannot, for the life of me, remember this one. Feels very early 70s/60s to me. I hazard to guess drawn by some in Europe because of the super ellipse and the structure of the U.

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Note: Neither MyFonts or Identifont were helpful.

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That would be Carolus.

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Thank you George. It seems that it is no longer available for license.

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The plot thickens.
Carolus is a Roger White font.
The provenance of his fonts is perhaps doubtful. See
I wonder what the source is for Carolus?
If you could use substitutes, Testament CT, Solemnis, FF Lukreza, and Simeon AS are somewhat similar.

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The vectorization is poor quality. It's possible that this is one he did himself based on a scan.
So, if this is the case, I wonder what he scanned?

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Ha! Here's one I recognise from home. :) You're right, Donald, that the provenance is doubtful: Carolus was originally designed by Karl-Erik Forsberg, perhaps the greatest of Swedish type designers. More here:

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Great find Johan.
Excellent discussion of the issues raised by Carolus.
Stockholm would work as a substitute for most purposes, but it's clear that a quality digitization of the original Carolus still does not exist.

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This is why I love Typophile. Asking for an ID and getting a little history in the process. :)

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I have Carolus through a bundle license I did a million years ago so at least I won't have to use a substitute.

donshottype's picture included a comment that a good character set of Carolus is in Lindgren's ABC book. If anyone is interested in seeing it, check "ABC of Lettering and Printing Typefaces: A Complete Guide to the Letters and Typefaces Used for Typesetting and Printing" by Erik Lindgren, [1964?]. I just bought a used copy at a very attractive price from Amazon.
Tempting to do a good quality digitization. Depends in part just how good the specimen is in Lindgren's book.

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The specimen in Lindgrens book is quite good - full page of Caps and Numbers

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