Center vs. Geogrotesque: a little too close for comfort

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I dunno honey childs but Center and Geogrotesque are a little too close to me for one not to be a copy of the other... discuss [politely] amongst yourselves.

Mikey :-)

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We should also consider the designers past works. In this case both of them have previously published quite original fonts and it's true, there are similarities, but I have a feeling that each designer had a different philosophy when creating these fonts.

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David Bowie: “It is hard enough to be clever, you don’t have to be original.”

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Here is an overlay comparison of Geogrotesque Regular (Eduardo Manso, 2008; in green ) and Center Regular (Max Phillips, 2013; in black). Both samples are screenshots from MyFonts. I have adjusted the spacing of Center to match Geogrotesque. The image is wider than the column, but I leave it the way it is, so that you can judge for yourself at the full resolution:

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hmmm. point piracy?

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