Amplify Logo and web typeface

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This is a font used on the Amplify website, but also as their logo.
Thanks for any suggestions

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I checked the fonts on
The web page states that the font is called "AmplifyMedium"

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Looks like they use their own font: Amplify Medium.

The Sans is Benton Sans

EDIT: Late …

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Further font info:
---start quote---
Copyright (c) 2012 by Henrik Kubel, A2/SW/HK. All rights reserved. Amplify typeface is based on Henrik Kubel's Outsiders typeface. It was commissioned by Co: company & Graham Clifford based in NYC in 2012.
---end quote---
So if you want to get something similar you can look for "Henrik Kubel's Outsiders typeface."

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To complete this case, the link to Playtype Outsiders.

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Thank you

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