Typologia: Studies in Type Design

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Typologia: Studies in Type Design and Type Making, With Comments on the Invention of Typography, the First Types, Legibility, and Fine Printing
by Frederic William Goudy

How is this book? I just bought it so tell me it is good.


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I think it's over-rated. But it depends how much you spent on it.


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40.00. Too much uh?

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Some very good things there, but its Goudy. He's lost some percentages over the years. One of my favorite examples of just how tight can you space a line and still make out the individual words. Probably worth $40 just for that.

But the first edition would actually be worth quite a bit. If you have the Dover paperback, yeah, you paid a bit too much maybe. Check Abe.com to compare prices on this.

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