Logotype and standalone brandmark - examples?

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I´m in search of examples where a logotype and a brandmark are used separately. Preferable fashion or luxury brands (but not a must).

To be more specific I´m looking for examples where the standalone brandmark is used rather consistently. A lot of fashion brands uses their logotype as the main logo and the standalone brandmark for special occasions – not as a part of their main branding elements.

The best example I have so far is Strellson. On strellson.com its rather evident that: 1. the two things are used apart and 2. the brandmark is used actively and rather consistently as part of the branding. On chanel.com for example the brandmark isn´t really used – only the logotype.

It can be debated whether Chanel´s CC mark is actually a brandmark or an emblem (or whatever) but in this context it does´nt really matter.

Anybody have some good examples to share?

Help would be very appreciated, thanks :)

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I think it often depends on how well known the logo is. For a company like Apple, for example, the symbol is so well known that in signage, on web pages, etc, they typically just have the apple logo and don't include the company name.

In the case you mention of Chanel, the brandmark is indeed used on some pages, such as http://chanel-news.chanel.com/en/home.html (at the bottom). But my guess is that they thought the CC mark by itself may not be recognizable enough by folks who don't currently use their products, so they decided to spell it out on the main pages.

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Well, I guess these are obvious from high fashion, but there's always Louis Vuitton's LV emblem (used in e.g. patterns), Versace's medusa head (in clasps, belt buckles, etc.), Emporio Armani's fairly hideous bird thing (patterns, belt buckles), Ralph Lauren's polo player, Fred Perry's laurel wreath and Lacoste's crocodile (ebroidered on shirts)... Chanel may not use the CC on their website but it certainly appears on e.g. sunglasses.

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And mass fashion: Nike, Under Armour—and Adidas has even trademarked its stripes, as used on clothing.

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Are you using an acute as an apostrophe?

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