A dated-looking logo featuring overlapping, serif letters

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Because the letters overlap, the automatic font identification services are useless here. The organization has no high-res or vector copies, according to my contacts, nor any idea of what the font might be.

I'm attaching both the logo itself and my attempt at separating the letters out for, hopefully, easier ID-ing.

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Ahhh, looks as though my separation of the letters has borne fruit. It appears to be a variant on University Roman.


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As you note, this is a very similar to University Roman.
It originated in Stunt Roman, a lettering design drawn by Ross F. George in the late 1920s with the Speedball pen and published in the Speedball books. The most extreme features were modified over the years and this is how it looked by the mid 1950s:

Digital versions have been made by Letterhead Fonts, as Speed Roman, and by Nick Curtis, as Hacky Sack NF, but neither is as close as the 1950s lettered version.
There was also a version by by Robert Trogman for Photolettering, called Celtic, that was almost identical to the 1950s lettered version, but it has not been digitized.
A more conventional version of Stunt Roman was produced by Philip Kelly with Mike Danes at Letraset in 1972 and distributed as University Roman. Digital versions from Letraset, ITC, Adobe and others.
Take your pick as to which version fits your needs.

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