Mserif - Crits welcome!

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I attach a typeface that I have been working on - any crits/advice welcome.

mserif specimen1.pdf1.55 MB
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The source/basis for the capitals were the 'Roman Style C Capitals' from a speedball lettering textbook and the lowercase was drawn directly in software.

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I like the general idea. The colour looks a bit uneven, at least on my screen. Also, the upper serifs on /u look kind of out of place IMO.

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altsan - thanks for the feedback. I'm going to come back to this one a bit later and upon reflection, I agree about the 'u'

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I find there is a problem with the lower case |u| because it's a reversed |n|. You have to adjust the width of the |u| It should be slightly narrower than the |n|. You will probably has to change the way that the serif is actually drew. Good start overall, but some round letters have a roundness problem, see the |S, s, o,| This problem is on all round letters. Keep going.

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fixed the curves (i think!) and am trying to address the colour issue at the moment. file attached
sim - thanks for the 'u' tip!

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I have a new pdf to post but can't work out how to do it. any ideas?

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