Trading Fonts for Translation

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I would like to translate my site ( ) into:


This is the file that I would like translated:

I would like to trade my font library for these translations. If you would like to do this please send an email to before you start so I can make sure you are not duplicating someone elses effort.


Matthew Bardram

Atomic Media Fonts

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Oh, and Swedish

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What, Italians don't buy bitmap fonts? :-)
Maybe because italics look terrible on-screen... ;-)

Matthew, if you have trouble finding people for any of those languages, let me know - I might be able to hook you up.


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so far i have german and spanish taken care of...

thanks for the offer, i'll let you know...

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Hi matthew,
how quick should that be done? Because I could take care of dutch (and eventually german...), but this week and next one I am fully booked!


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hi Jacques,

Both the Dutch and German have translators already. But thank you very much!


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Noow it's just Swedish and French, btw

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Now it's just Swedish....

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sorry for doing this through the forum, but i've tried to get in touch through email and have recieved no answer... did you get my text?

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kemie, you're not the only one. i haven't gotten any replies from matthew after sending him my german translation about three weeks ago.
does anybody know what's up with mr. bardram???

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I could give the Swedish translation a try. Email me if you haven't taken care of it it already.

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If you want an icelandic translation, just let me know ;)

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so, matthew, to bring this up again, did you ever receive the texts? it seems strange not to have gotten even a "i got it" mail from you....

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Do you know about google language tools?

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I could offer help with Utahnics....


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