Expansive Display Font for Magazine?

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Hi guys,

In the past few weeks, I have unexpectedly been appointed Creative Director of a large magazine here in Ireland. This is also the first time that I have sub-editors underneath me who also consider themselves "design conscious", so I have found myself having to please a team of people (as well as my superiors) when it comes to redesigning this monster.

Alas, I was thrown into the position after my predecessor abruptly left, and have, for the first few weeks (it is published twice a month) been working into the previous design, although I dislike it very much. The style has steadily (although quite slightly) moved away from the previous design, but there's still a lot of work to do.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma, though: the previous magazine I worked at (although inferior in many ways, published only one every six weeks, and with a much smaller circulation — plus the journalism here is above and beyond what I'm used to) was designed very well. When I started there, I worked on redesigning it with the then editor, and we spent a lot of time choosing pretty great fonts. Greta Text was what we used for the body, and we used Titling Gothic for headlines. In that sense, I'm finding it very hard to just not replicate that design for this magazine. I loved it. So I need help choosing fonts to replace these.

The current body text of the magazine is Brioni Text, which, funnily enough, isn't too far away from Greta Text (same foundry and all), so I think I may stick with that.

But, I need a display font that is as expansive (with all the weights and styles) as Titling Gothic. I love Titling Gothic, but as I said, I can't use it; it's still in use at my old magazine.

I want to choose one font that can be used permanently for headlines. One that has a lot of variation in its styles, but remains consistent and coherent. So it needs to be a whole family of styles. It needs to be a sans-serif. One that looks beautiful spread across a newsprint magazine, or in medium sizes.

I have a pretty huge budget to work with here, as redesigning was one of the conditions for me taking up the job so suddenly.

I would greatly appreciate some thoughts on this, and perhaps suggestions for other body text fonts to match it. (I think we will stick with Brioni Text, though. I like "friendly" serifs, such as Skolar. But Greta is closer to "serious", while still being friendly — that, I like.)

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I think you will like what Type Together offers and I'll suggest Tablet Gothic as a replacement for Titling Gothic.

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Dare I ask, what is this magazine about?

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The magazine is a youth-orientated, political, current affairs and culture magazine. It has interviews with politicians, film reviews, investigative journalism and all that kind of stuff.

Thanks sevag ... I really do like what Type Together offers, and some of their body fonts are absolutely wonderful.

However: I think Tablet Gothic is too similar to Titling Gothic. I was hoping for something in the same realm, but not something which looks like it's been heavily inspired by Titling Gothic (I don't know the actual history of the font.)

Are there any other display fonts that have as many styles and weights while also being a bit different? Maybe more "rounder" than Titling Gothic?

Thanks for your help.

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H&FJ's Tungsten?

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Are there any other display fonts that have as many styles and weights while also being a bit different? Maybe more "rounder" than Titling Gothic?

Have you explored other large sans-serif families that Font Bureau offers? Here are a few that come to mind:

Benton Sans : 8 weights, 5 widths
Amplitude : 7 weights, 5 widths
Antenna : 7 weights, 4 widths
Agenda : 7 weights, 4 widths
Interstate : 8 weights, 3 widths
Relay : 5 weights, 4 widths

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You could consider Knockout or Verlag (both by H&FJ) or Franklin Gothic.

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