Purchased font family doesn't display all fonts.

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Hello guys

Would you be so kind, and have a look into that font collection please, and help me figure out how to get it to work?

I bought tyepface call; "summit", from http://lisidesign.com/font/summit

"Summit contains 10 styles available in 5 weights. The styles One, Two and Three for both Solid and Inline versions
(as seen above) are designed to be used in conjunction with one another. This layering system offers an incredible
array of combinations and effects."

For some reason the 5 weights display just fine, but their respective styles won't list. Only fraction of it.
I did talk to the author, and I was informed that he is aware of the issue happening to PC users. But yet to
find way to fix it.

Here is the font in question:

Could you please tell me what is wrong with it, and is there any way to fix it? I bought it for specific project, and the idea
is to use various styles of mix and match for building number, metal boxed up letters. But I can't move on, not being able
to use it.

I will sincerely appreciate your expertise.

Best regards


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Well, the reason it won't work is because the styles aren't named in a way which adheres to window's 4-styles-per-family rule. This could be fixed using FontLab or FontForge provided you understand proper font-naming conventions.

The license is a bit vague on whether modification is allowed, but my reading is that fixing the name table would be allowed. On the other hand, the license does explicitly prohibit redistribution of the font so I'd strongly recommend that you remove this file from dropbox.com.


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Dear André

Note taken. Will remove the file shortly.
I don't have any font editing tools. Would it be possible for you to help to change that to make them work?
If that's not too much work of course.
I really wouldn't want to buy a software I never use, just for that. And I don't know how soon the author can do that for me.
I would really appreciate your help.
But I too will understand if you don't want to be bothered. I can always try to redraw that stuff off hand, in AI. and make my composite sample using vectors.



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