Mozilla releases Fira typeface for Firefox OS

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Mozilla just released a new open source typeface for their Firefox OS, called Fira.

My quick first impression is that I'm not in love with it entirely, but it's nicer than Roboto.

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A softer, rounder relative of Meta.

I'm a bit troubled by the size example given on the Mozilla style site:

ZTE Open has 165 pixels per inch (ppi) = 72 pt
165ppi / 72 pt = 2.91667px (this how many pixels in 1 point at device resolution)

I want my body text to be 8pt, how big would that be on a ZTE Open in pixels?
8pt x 2.91667px = 18.33333px

We want to round up, because bigger type is better. So 8pt is actually 19px on our ZTE Open device.

That seems to equate px units with device pixels, which ain't so. The CSS px unit is now defined as an absolute length equivalent to 1/96th of an inch.

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I read on facebook that the Cyrillic is ‘scary’.

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Hopefully these device faces that look like agate or an old telephone book face will soon be a thing of the past.

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