(x) Jai Alai - Avant Garde Alts {Yves}

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fiesta alegre

Hi there experts,
My friend BLAMI is looking for the name of the JAI-ALAY typography. I think it could be AVANT GARDE, but need confirmation.
Eskerrik asko -thanks-

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You're right: this looks like ITC Avant Garde Gothic with alternates (and maybe customized uc J, I don't know all the ligatures/alternates). I don't think we've already managed to find a place where you can get the fonts with alternates though. Even ITC themselves don't carry them, believe it or not. :-(

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Yeah, I know for a fact that 5 years ago FontShop carried Mannesmann Scangraphic fonts which included amongst others the ITC Avant Garde Gothic fonts and the Alternates. They were really good versions too, available in both "Bodytext" and "Headline" versions, which meant fine-tuned design, different spacing, different positioning of accents on capitals, adjusted ink traps and so on.

Problem is, that was 5 years ago, and since then any reference to the availability of the Scangraphic versions of ITC Avant Garde Gothic has disappeared. Google is no help neither. You'll have to contact your local FontShop to inquire.

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Yay, three cheers for the Henster! Australia is a bit out of the way to go (Font)Shopping though! ;)

You see, the problem with these fancy Flash sites is that they're useless when you're trying to find something through a search engine.

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URW and Fontshop have both claimed at one point to sell the Avant Garde alternates.

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FontShop Australia, of all places, sports one of the better
FS sites and the Avant Garde alts!

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Great news! Why did it take so long for someone to do that? Now we need the similar alternates for Avant Garde Condensed, Lubalin Graph, and Benguiat .

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