which applications support GSUB LookupType 6 (contextual lookup)

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There is tables that explains which applications support different opentype features like this link:
In this table we see that all of the mentioned apps support the "standard ligatures" opentype feature.
but how would I know if I implement an GSUB LookupType 5 or 6 (Contextual substitution) in a standard ligatures it will be executed in those apps. I need a GSUB LookupType 5 or 6 to be executed by default in any application, so I think it's safe to put it in this feature and it will be executed in all of those apps, right?

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sorry, bad internet connection caused the double post.

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Contextual GSUB lookups are now very widely supported, so I think it is unlikely that you will encounter problems with support. Of slightly more concern will be software that makes assumptions about what kind of lookups are associated with what kinds of features (despite the OT spec warning against making such assumptions), but this too is a diminishing problem.

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Thanks john. That's a great news :)

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