Unusual but beautiful "g"

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Came across this lovely "g" (top). It's from the movie The Mirror Crack'd (1980).
The font is defenitely Friz Quadrata Bold (bottom), but I haven't seen this "g" before. I thought perhaps it's been derived from "3", but it's not ;)
Does anyone know if there's a different version of Friz Quadrata, or is this custom?

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It looks like the original VGC design. Before ITC acquired it.

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Are you sure it doesn't say "A3atha", with 3 being z? :)

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You will find a similar , just similar, g in the Quadrat-DemiBold (B & P Graphics), Silver (Brendel Informatik), Dispando (NovelFonts!), DennisBecker Bold (SoftMaker Software), OPTIDiamond (Castcraft), Quid Bold (FontBank) and Anticlaire Display (SSI).

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@apankrat Yup, I'm sure. It spells the name "Agatha Christie".

@koeiekat Indeed so! Nevertheless, as far as I can see, all these fonts postdate 1980, so it *has* to be Friz Quadrata (1973).

@.00 You must be right, thanks.

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