Art Nouveau web type!

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Hi old pals!

I'm starting up work for a client who is a singing teacher and loves art nouveau. I thought, "Hey, I don't think I've ever seen an art nouveau website!"

Now, the fun part... Given that art nouveau has a largely lyrical, hand-drawn, flowing aesthetic... How do I pull this off on the web? I'm not a fan of relying on imagery. I like to liken HTML+CSS to ante-linotype typesetting. You got yer box, see? and you got some stuff to break up the box, and some fonts and metal bits, and color, and texture. Make it work, pal.

So, I know that there isn't going to be a typeface that completely captures this. But I have to start somewhere. My first thought is Arnold Böcklin, which is sad, I know. Maybe P22 Eaglefeather?

I have a Typekit account, and am no stranger to installing my own webfonts.

Also, the lettering.js plugin comes to mind.

I'd also appreciate if anybody has some links to art nouveau-inspired web designs! I've exhausted my Google-fu at this point.


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Sorry about the double post. Maybe a moderator can delete one of these?

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Hi Heinous - how about the attached? It's a modern reinterpretation of Art Nouveau. Forgive the self promotion, but I'd should know, since I designed it myself!

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Hi Heinous - you're not the only one guilty of a double post! Should have said you can download this from my foundry (Studio K) at

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