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This is a proposed logo for a small software company.
Your thoughts/comments are welcome.



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It feels really right for a software company (the green is such a singular bit of individuality) yet my eye can't find a stopping and starting point - I'm drawn right to the middle. Does that make sense?

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I like it. Can you post a small one? I think I have the same concerns as Jared. The h disappears and the g, for whatever reason, I'm reading as a q.

I think the problem with the h is that it is the only letter that morphs into the others. Perhaps just morphing all of the round letters as well, though that may put too much emphasis on the 'nix'.

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TL : I get what you're saying, think it's the way the h rolled in to it's neighbors. Made some adjustments.

JB & D : I agree with what you're saying. Maybe thinning out the lines and darkening the grey a few shades would make it work.
This project is being put on hold for a while, though. About the software : I'm not at liberty to say. Seriously, they'd be upset.

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I think it looks slick, very modern. The thing is, I don't get how it relates to either "ego" or "phoenix" or the combination. That's not to say it doesn't -- I just don't see it. I think a logo should connect solidly to the company or individual it represents.

Minor note: I agree with the comments about the g.

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yea, the g still isn't a g. I'm not sure how to read it.

If you take stephen's suggestion, perhaps extend the extenders of the h and p to match in length.

Have you considered coloring the ego green as well? It may deliminate the two words a bit better.

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Hey typophiles,
Thanks for all the feedback. It turns out that this logo wont be used... ever... at all... by anyone... but, I've made a few changes anyway. Here it is :

eh? ;)

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I like it therefore my sympathies.

You're handling that so much more gracefully than I would.

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The shapes are interesting, but I am more concerned that when the logo appears in small sizes, it becomes a lot less readable. The "e"s may fill in, the "g" shape becomes much less readable, the "h" almost disappears and the green dot in the "i" is almost lost as well.

What type of software do they produce?

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For the 'g' try removing the dangling curve at the bottom
and flipping the shape horizontally. Than add the curve
to the bottom of the new tail. You'll have a more
conventional 'g', but no legibility issues.

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