Studies/developments of typefaces for multiple mediums (print/screen)

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Does anyone here can point for studies/developments of typefaces for multiple uses? (offset, thermal and flexographic print, computer and smartphone screen, etc)
The idea is to know what kind (if any) optimizations in design are made for preparing the font for a particular medium (specially for the new smartphones/web).
Thank you

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Not a study, but the Reading Edge series is a good place to start. I took a slightly different approach with Aften Screen.

Obviously, anything you can get your hands on re. TrueType hinting. Start with Beat Stamm’s The Raster Tragedy at Low-Resolution.

Tim Ahrens’ Size-specific adjustments to type design is a must-read.

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Thank you Frode. It's really a good place to start!

Now I need to find those studies about the development of typefaces for phone directories like this but more deep.

Thanks again.


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