Dotsies is here!

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Since latin letters (a, b, c, etc.) are optimized to be written by hand, they take up a lot of unnecessary space. Your eyes have to move at a frantic pace from left to right to read. The letters in Dotsies words smoosh together, so words look like shapes! Get more screen space! Save paper. Have a more comfortable reading experience (Muth, C. 2012).”

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Wow. I've seen dozens of weird attempts at writing reform, but this is easily the most confusing. How on earth do they even begin to expect this to improve reading speed? :o

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yeah, I did that:

Font X tesing


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I know this is an old post but I like to respond. Dotsies is far too complex to remember. I think it would be a real challenge to teach this to young children. Also, can you imagine checking a dotsies text for grammar?

In the sample on the dotsies page going from text to dotsies, I have a lot of problems reading beyond the 4th line. Who said being more economical with space helps readability anyway?

"It's easier than you think. There are only 26 letters. Numbers and punctuation aren't altered. You've probably learned more than 26 things in a single hour-long class or lecture."

I don't think the issue is the amount of letters or even our memory capacity necessarily, but rather the fact that it's very hard to distinguish letters from each other. This is a lot of fun for people with dyslexia I can imagine.

Russell, your typeface looks half Asian. I like it. It's hard to read but it looks cool. Is this font available by any chance?

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Russell, that's awesome.


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Very cool. Can anyone tell me what the third line in the orange picture on MyFonts is supposed to say though? Almost intuitively I read abracadabra (and the word 'magical' in the next line seems to confirm this) but what I actually read is acrbcadarbnd. Is this a mistake?

Also, in the description an apostrophe was missed in "Its" [normally calm].

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You mean this one?

You are right. Here is what the MyFonts site gives with acbrca and dabra with the discretionary ligatures.
As for abracadabra, here it is

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You mean this one?

I don't know where you got that picture, but it's different. That picture says acbrcadabra (with black letters) while the one on MyFonts says acbrcadabrnd (with white letters).

Is someone having difficulty typing abracadabra? Considering the nature of this typeface the typos really add to the confusion.

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I took the picture here:

The pictures are indeed different but so similar that I had not paid attention to the difference.

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I think many wouldn't even have noticed the mistake. As I said, I almost intuitively read 'abracadabra', or deduced it from the range and positions of letters I saw. Still, Russell might consider fixing the mistakes as it would look more professional and avoid confusion about what the typeface does.

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