Reykjavík / Icelandic Type Designers?

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I'd like some help please...

I design a travel magazine, each issue is city-specific. The next issue will be about Reykjavík, capital of Iceland. In each issue I try to use a display face / family produced by a type-designer from that city (or at least the country in question) – something that visually represents the area in tone/feel.

I am trying to get in touch with any type designers who live and/or work in the city. Do you know of anyone? Any recommendations of places to research this? I've done a bit of digging and found a few names but I know this is the place to ask.

Any help / opinions on Icelandic type in general please get in touch on here or via

Many thanks!

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I will alert Dóra Ísleifsdóttir.


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