MS Word 2013 bug

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I have found a bug in MS Word 2013. I do not know to whom should I contact so I am posting it here. If any Microsoft guy happened to came across it they may check it. I am also attaching a docx file containing the same text in Arab Typesetting font, as well as in free Scheherazade font and Adobe Naskh medium font, so their team can check it quickly.

This bug was not present in Word 2010. The image shows the bug that how digits placement is disturbed over certain Arabic signs.

Word 2013 Bug.doc17.32 KB
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Office files contain no font. You could send a Word file in which you use Geronimo, Trinity or any H&FJ font without breaching any EULA. If the receiver does not have the font installed on his system, a fallback font is used to display and print (without any warning). The same holds for PowerPoint files.

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> The same holds for PowerPoint files.

Fonts can be embedded in PowerPoint files, if you choose to do so, but only if you're using the PC version; the Mac version doesn't permit that.

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Hmm. I see that on the PC, one can also embed fonts in Word. I did not know that (I am on a mac).

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