Glaser quotation

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In one of the forums (Release) there is a quotation of Milton Glaser:

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I don't know, but it reminds me of a favorite quotation: "the good thing about bad taste is that you don't know you have it."

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You can also find this quote in the book: The art of looking sideways by Alan Fletcher

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so y not investigate on what he truly is talking about? does he mean ppl who dont have a truly firm foundation in design, would prolly direct themselves to play with style, n not concentrate on the true essence & appreciation of design?

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Nice, Cheshire.

I pulled that Glaser quote out a number of years back from research while I was writing my BFA thesis. I'll dig it up and see if I can find the reference.


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How about Stefan Sagmeister's quote:

"Style equals fart."

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