Handdrawn slab (my first font)

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Hello typophiles,

I have just finished vectorizing all the letters on my first ever typeface endeavour. Please tell me what you think of it. So far I've traced my pen drawings in fontlab without a lot of further adjustment. I would like to keep (some of) the irregularities (the inconsistent serifs for example) as part of the font's character. What would this need to become a useful, playful typeface?

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All-caps looks terrible:

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I think for this to become a useful typeface, you need to work on achieving more even colour. In type terms, this involves not having any letters pop out as being much bolder or "darker" than the rest, nor any "lighter", nor should parts of the letters stand out in an unbalanced way from the rest of the letter. Try for that one round, if you want, see if you can do it without losing character.

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