Typographic poster for “The World’s End”

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I have identified a good number of the fonts on sight, and was wondering if you guys recognise any of the remaining ones before I start searching in earnest.

I think I should know the Inline serif face for The First Post, yet I am drawing a blank. The stencil face for The Cross Hands looks like it’s based on Bodoni, but it’s not any of the Bodoni Stencils I know. The Bodoni for The King’s Head has this little protrusion on the “G” that throws me off.

Thanks for the assistance!


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(I told you these on Twitter.)

‘THE FIRST POST’ is Hoefler Text Engraved No. 1.
‘Tne KING’S HEAD’ looks like Andrade.

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I would agree that The Kings Head is Andrade.
The details on the ascender of the lowercase 'h' and uppercase 'G'.
I just wonder if the serifs are rounded.

Dino dos Santos

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I have never seen Serif Gothic on a pub sign… Nor Mrs Eaves, come to think of it.

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