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A series of Flash-based typographic
experiments created by Gicheol Lee, featuring
fonts by Minimal and Emigre. The site was
selected as a Flash Film Festival 2002 finalist
in the experimental category.

Found on Newstoday. Thanks folkert.

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Actually, it kinda works with a Bodoni! Huh.
But wassup with that strange lc "s" at the
foot of the UC "L" (in very dark gray)?

BTW, (assuming it's not just rendered text)
it's illegal to embed Emigre fonts in Flash.


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I like .
I like it even more sine he put my portfolio page
on it for some odd reason... :)

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on a different post there was a question about Evert Bloemsma, curious because the name by itself didn't conjur anything i started a search on google. one site that came up was -on the surface there wasn't much to read until i looked at its source code. there seems to be quite the list of people to explore

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"it's illegal to embed Emigre fonts in Flash."

Assuming this is true, what planet do these guys live on? And why are type foundries not more realistic when theyre drawing up their licenses? So I cant use Emigre fonts in PDFs (assuming the problem is with embedding) and Flash files? Just as daft is the idea that printers should buy their own copies of fonts. Yeah right.

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> what planet do these guys live on?

A really small one covered in recycled forests, where all life-forms have to purchase a special permit to breathe, and are required to wear t-shirts that say "We buy best what we buy most often", except none of them are allowed to learn to read anyway. But there's some kewl pottery in every nest.


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Fashion design 'mag' with new media delivery.
Fresh. Find the free "Pagan Poetry" font from
Bjork's video page.

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Gabe Rubin's personal portfolio is a delicious
typographic display.

(Gleaned from Newstoday.)

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"Good News, Bad news" was interesting, as was the "EmoType Chat". The rest was rather unoriginal. And what is this:


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