I'd like some feedback on my lettering

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Hello, I would like to get some feedback on my lettering. It is based in brush pen calligraphy.

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Looks super. I'd say the aperture of "o" is pinched too narrow for print or pixels. You might consider just closing it.

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Lovely. Perhaps the peak of /P/ could use some more weight, and maybe the strokes of /ui/ are a bit too mechanically similar. I agree with cerulean about the /o/.

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Thanks both of you! I found your critiques usefull.

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The O also doesn't seem to sit at the same angle as the rest of the letters, but besides that it looks great!

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Agree with the above, even though the angle of the /a/ and /q/ seems to differ from the angle of the /o/ it doesn't bother me really. Overall the wordmark looks balanced and stylish - definitely has a 'brush' feel to it. Have you tried a /P/ with a higher stem as well (higher topleft)? Also, it would be interesting maybe to see it with a brush-stroke below the word - although you'd be at risk crossing the /q/ there.

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