Server sluggishness

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Full disclosure: In the last few days, we've made it onto a new Chinese spammer's hotlist, and we've been getting absolutely inundated with page requests resulting in a slow experience. We're shutting them down as fast as we can. Bear with us.

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Idiots. How would anyone click on their stupid links if no one can get to the site?

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They are spammers. 'Idiot' is as redundant as a spinnaker on a Formula 1 race car.

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Well, a sail is a form of a wing, and those can be useful on fast cars. How about "as idiotic as a snooze button on a smoke alarm"?

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Today's spinnaker ("balloon sail" as its Icelandic name translates to) is a specialised downwind sail. F1 cars don't have any downwind legs.

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