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I have been trying desperately to find a method of converting a .FON file into a .TTF file, this is for the reason that it does not seem possible to use the installed .FON file in Flash.

Fontlab doesn't seem to like the font either, not allowing me to import it:


(Yes, I do know how stupid the error message is!)

If you guys have any suggestions or solutions, they will be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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AFAIK, it is not possible to convert from FON to TTF. Because FON is a bitmap font format, while TTF is based on outlines (although it may contain embedded bitmaps).

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.FON files are only bitmapped Windows system fonts, aren't they? Not too useful beyond that.

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It seems I have found a solution:


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Can anyone help Tom with his .FON conversion to .TTF?

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