English headers in Japanese textbook "Genki"

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This font is used in the english headers in a modern (2000-something) textbook teaching Japanese to English-speaking folks. I have seen it elsewhere too, in the english section of Japanese instruction manuals for instance.

While looking around the net, I have found quite a few fonts that are very close to this (using WhatTheFont and similar services) but none of them have managed to suggest an exact match.

Microgramma and Eurostile are quite close, but there's no cigar involved there... An important detail to match is the rounded-square nature.

New Rodin (Fontworks)
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A pretty decent attempt, but the 'a' doesn't look right, the 'g' is way off, and it doesn't seem wide enough (looking at the uppercase 'H').

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I don't know if it helps, but further research seems to indicate that this is probably a font that was primarily designed for Japanese text, but it has been extended with latin glyphs as well.

Does anyone know if there is a Japanese equivalent of the Typophile community somewhere?
This is driving me absolutely batty :)

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Wait for Ryuk. He might know.

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Thanks for the trust Jan. This might be New Rodin by Fontworks (font sample here). To be positive, I guess we should wait the confirmation of Akira. He is definitely THE specialist, the man of the situation.

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Oh yes, New Rodin demibold looks ridiculously close, to the point where it might actually be the correct one even. Thank you very much Ryuk.

I'll let this simmer for a while to see what Akira says, but otherwise it looks like you've nailed it.

Edit: Been checking the details, and I'm positive that Ryuk is correct. First post updated with credits. /edit

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