Ek Type - New foundry launch in India

Ek Type is a collective of type designers focused on designing contemporary Indian Typefaces.

Ek Type is a collaborative type foundry based in India that specializes in developing fonts across Indian languages, many of which will be multi-script. Giving adequate importance to script grammar and script tradition, it produces standardized and compatible fonts in multiple weights, supporting all platforms for print and screen.

Ek Type comprises of experienced type designers, researchers and academicians spanning a wide age group with different skill sets which help complement each other. Apart from developing and selling fonts, Ek Type will create documentation and awareness about Indian typography. In addition to this, it will mentor upcoming type designers by engaging with them in the process of design development and providing a platform to showcase their work.

In several Indian languages, ‘Ek’ is synonymous to 'one'. Ek type exemplifies what it means by providing a roof, under 'one' umbrella and serving as an open collaborative platform to develop and sell fonts, inviting others to be a part of it.

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Interesting! Is there a website?

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Thanks, www.ektype.in Complete site will be up by Oct 2013.

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