Revival of a hand lettered font - Broken Poster

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I know this isn't to the taste of most of the august members of this forum- such is life.

The related copy....

More than a century ago, Frank H. Atkinson presented this hand lettered style as Broken Poster. It was one of a hundred styles he demonstrated in his manual on sign painting. Even before his book was published (and certainly after), Broken Poster was a favorite with sign painters and letterers. It has graced show cards and movie posters, signs and windows displays, and advertisements of all varieties. We presented the our first digital revival of this classic in 2000. It is long overdue for an upgrade.

Broken Gothic expands the basic Broken Poster to four weights, two specialty formats and some cool layed effects. The language base includes Greek, Cyrillic, Latin A, and some of Latin B and Latin Extended. There are also some nice alternates and ligatures. All weights are quite suited to posters, headlines, display copy, web headers, etc.

At first glance, Broken Gothic may seem to have limited uses. Give it a chance and it will surprise you. Broken shouts out that there is a sale, a giant monster or the end of the world. Broken Gothic is comfortable in a wide range of themes and applications from zombie movie titles to salsa jar labels. While I can't recommend it for text, Broken is great for headers, banners, signs, titles, product presentation and other display applications. When you need a rough customer, Broken Gothic fills the bill.

Okay, so copywriting was never my strong suit. You try coming up this stuff with wife, dog and teenage son interrupting at regular intervals.

The Posters...
I like this poster and I don't care what anyone says...

There is a layered version of Busted with like eight different fonts to be stacked one on top of the other.

The samples....

And something a little more modern...

And should you get the urge to buy...

Still working on the spec book and the test drive version.

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All Hollows Eve? You've been sneakwatching Bleach, haven't you?

A kinda kool kritter, anyroads.

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Bleach? No, just lousy editing practices...

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I still have some more ideas for sample posters for Broken Gothic. I thought the font would look really cool on a vintage burlap potato sack. I've seen it used on posters and signs. Atkinson demonstrated the poster weight. A painter would simply have used a narrower brush. The lighter weights I added expand Broken Gothic's usefulness to graphics in the digital age.

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