Letterhead Old Stock 2

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Does anybody knows how to make a shadowed font like Letterhead's Old Stock 2? Thank you for sharing.

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Clarification: do you actually want to make a new font, or do you simply want to reproduce the effect using an existing font?

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I want to reproduce the effect on any font. In a vector drawing application. Thank you.

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Create a line the desired thickness for the shadow effect > rotate the line to the desired angle for the shadow > create a pattern from/with that line > duplicate the text layer move the layer under the original text layer and create outline of the text > fill the outlined text with the line pattern > off set the pattern from the text > and as in your above example stroke the original text.

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5star, it's a little more complicated than that because the line pattern is part of a 3d extrusion of the text, not a drop shadow of the text. To make that shape you'd need to make two copies of the letter and manually connect the points on one to the equivalent points on the other to create the diagonal extrusion.

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Josh nice catch, you're totally correct. For some reason or another I saw the example as a flat shadow with a line pattern.

Must have seen the Op's post before my 3rd cup of coffee...

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...the line pattern is part of a 3d extrusion of the text, not a drop shadow of the text.

I'm not so sure about that now Josh. I'm not say it can't be done as you say but take a closer look at the diagonal lines in the Op's sample. There are several different sections each having the diagonal lines on different angles. Can that be accomplished by 3d extrusion of the text, perhaps I'll try it later. But, I think it was hand rendered via guides and all ...and not extruded.

In my below sample I overlayed text and traced the areas I wanted to fill as I mentioned earlier. All the diagonal lines are evenly spaced and of the same angle because it is a pattern, but the shadow effect seems to get lost especially on the crossbar of the G...

...one way or another I'll have mastered this crosshatching technique by the end of this weekend ...GRRR!!!

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Thank you all, very much! Hope we'll figure it out.

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